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The Ad Store #9questions

9 open questions on the future of communication

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Natalia Borri

Natalia Borri
President & Chief Creative Director
The Ad Store

Session I - Cultural Metamorphosis

Elisa Ambanelli

Head of Entertainment LaPresse SpA

“The pandemic triggered a technological acceleration. For the first time we broadcasted a presenter live from her home as we prioritized public information over esthetical standards.”

Chiara Canedoli

Barilla Group Pasta Marketing Director

“We missed the fun of working on set, but finding new and innovative ways to make what we’ve always done differently was a powerful experience – which is using pasta as a starting point to share the stories of Italian people.”

Franco Balestrieri

Communication & Marketing Director di GVM Care & Research

“Are Italian entrepreneurs ready for remote working? Are our digital infrastructures suitable? One thing is certain – professional skills need to grow and contaminate (not sure of this word choice. For us, “contaminate” is almost always used with germs and infections and is negative. Maybe “intermingle” or “interact.” ) with other professions and cultures.”

Session II - Purpose-driven campaigns

Francesco Pagano

Previous Vide President, Head of Brand & Marketing EMEA at Fossil, now Head of Sales at qiibee

“We need to let people control brands within an ecosystem where ethics and technology play a crucial role.”

Jill Dobson

Global Brand Manager Acqua di Parma

“Consumers want to connect with something bigger than themselves and this pandemic helped us identify the priorities. That’s why purpose will be the key growth driver for businesses in the long term.”

Gaia Gualerzi

Marketing Director Parmacotto Group

“The We Are Back campaign had a huge meaning besides marking Parmacotto’s come-back on TV. It was the occasion for us to identify a new working framework and turn a limit into an opportunity.”

Session III - Human First

Fabrizio Grillo

International Relations & General Affairs Director Bracco Group

“Now more than ever, communications need shorter but relevant messages to keep up with a constantly changing society.”

Daniela Di Ciacco

Sociologist and Researcher, 2BHappy Agency and IIPO Co-Founder

“Happiness is not only a feeling, it’s a skill. Companies that will set their agenda prioritizing a culture of trust and their social capital will respond to the crisis more effectively.”

Elisa Vacondio

Centre Director de La Galleria

“It’s in difficult times that creativity plays a central role.”

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Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.

John Cleese - Monty Pyton